` It can't rain all the time.

Running on 1 hour of sleep
Could barely function at work this morning
Hands shaking
Head pounding
Hazy thoughts
Lazy mouth
Withdrawls from you.

What am i supposed to dream about if i can’t dream of you?

I wonder if i’ll ever sleep again.
Its so hard knowing everything you’ve ever dreamed of
Can just so quickly slip through your fingers and out of your life…

What a long lonely night…


This took longer than expected. It’s supposed to be a break time drawing from work… but I failed YEEH

Little screencap redraw thing or something…

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, i require beefy Skwisgaar in my life.

Anonymous asked :

Why are you having a bad day?

itcantrain-allthetime answered :

Its been a really long day. And i’m really afraid that i’m losing someone i care a lot about…



Can i have Jay for my birthday?


I fucking love Jay

For the record, i would fuck Jay hard as well.